Captain Chef  (Text To Speech Version) 

Created for Chefs who Navigate Taste . . .

CaptainChef Bar Edition
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CaptainChef©2020 is a Unicode, Multilingual, Text To Speech (TTS), Interactive Application that Manages and Keeps your Recipes on your PC/LAN Server, is TTS Capable including Ivona Voice (Updated to use Amazon Polly as of 2018), and, will be your Right Hand in Managing your Recipes.

       *** Major Functionality Update: ***
       Nutrients Reporting on Menus and Recipes
       (Nutrient Data From USDA)

Can Calculate 46 Nutrients on Any Entered Recipe By Both Recipe Ingredients Analytically and/or Recipe Totals!

    Calorie Labeling on Restaurant Menus and Vending Machines - pdf

    Complies with Calorie Labeling on Restaurant Menus Rule by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Runs with MsAccess 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (MsAccess 2007 Runtime is included in CaptainChefSetup) on WinXP-Pro, Win7, Win8.1 Win10, 32/64bit, with any of 3 different Back End Database/Servers on your PC/LAN Server,
    1. MsAccess, 2. MsSQL Server, 3. PostgreSQL Server.
    - Recipes Management
    - Recipes and Menu Costing
    - Recipes and Menu Nutrients
    - All of CaptainChef's Reports are Exported to MsExcel Directly, other MsOffice Applications, Adobe pdf . . .
    - Much more for you to discover . . .

    Slide Show on MsAccess 2016 FrontEnd, Windows 10 (64bit)
          (Hover mouse over to pause, click to open in a new Tab/Window)



Know What you Serve with Calories and Nutients Labeling directly on your Recipe's Menus.




Costing, Cost-ShopList and Nutrients details Reports on Both Recipes and Menus . . .

NUTRIENTS REPORTS on Both Recipes and Menus,
    Costing Reports for Recipes, Favorite Recipes (by Group), Menu Recipes,
        Cost Shop List Reports for Recipes, Favorite Recipes (by Group), Menu Recipes,
            All Reports are Exportable to Adobe pdf and MsExcel,
                Everything in Colorful Printouts with Pictures,
                   Much more for you to discover . . . 

(Hover mouse over to pause, click to open in a new Tab/Window)



Translator/Multiplier/Splitter Engines:
Previews / Prints / Exports Multilingual, Multiplied or Spitted Recipes on Originally Entered Recipe’s Ingredient's Quantities for Any Selected Language and Any entered Multiplier at a Click of a Button.

Introbusiness Captain Chef©2020 is the Ultimate Visual, Multilingual and User Configurable Solution for creating your recipes in a fully WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment having Everything Stored on your Personal Computer.

It comes with more than 1,000 ingredients with pictures selection enabling you to VisuallyAdd/Edit/Delete your Recipe’s Ingredients, thus, minimizing mistakes that may be attributed to misinterpretation, and, nearly 2,500 Default Recipes in one (1) Default + Twenty Six (26) User Defined Languages to Start with, English being the Default Language.

A Great Professional Effort has been engaged in order to make the Multilingual part as easy as possible to the End User in a fully configurable 1+26 locally held languages.


On Spot Help Support

Help through a Full Text Searchable Help File with Picture Examples, standard windows F1 key access and/or Application's Help Menu Button for Currently Activated Window Form or Control.

Status Bar and Tool tip Command Descriptions on Every Single Button, Textbox, Combo Box, List Box.


Embedded Applications Engines:

Translator Engines on:

  1. Ingredients,
  2. Units, and,
  3. Recipes (Including any Recipe Instructions up to 64.000 characters, per Recipe language, (17, A4 pages))
    when switching languages.

Translator Engine:

Up to Twelve (26) Fully User Configurable Locally Held Language Dictionaries, and,

It may come with a default of at Least Ten (10) Languages.
The asterisk (*) in the following list reads Optional / User Defined / May be Other:

which are all fully configurable, except the Default English Language, just Add your Recipes in the Default English Language (0.) above to take advantage from Captain Chef's Appication Translator Engines at a Single Mouse Click.

CaptainChef©2020 Supported Languages List
(Full Application Functionality on Data Management and Translator on any Supported Database Management System,
excluding Selected TTS Engine Specifics)

Multiplier/Splitter Engine:


TTS Engines:




Favorite Recipes:
Manages your Favorite Recipes with Add, Edit, Delete, GOTO, Sort on any Field and Print Functionality.

Recipe Menus:
Creates and Prints Colorful Menus with a per Plate Multilingual Description, Picture and a Price.

Recipe Log Notes:
Manages Unlimited Lines of Text Notes Plus File and URL References , (on a per Recipe Basis) at a click of a button.
This may be Internet site URLs, References to Locally or Remotely Held Files on your PC or Network, on Any Document such as Pictures, Videos, Presentations, Formatted Documents, Virtually Anything Supported by your Personal Computer and Access/Open that Reference with it's Registered Application at a click of a button.

Help through a Fully Text Searchable Help File with Picture Examples, Status Bar and Tool tip Command Descriptions on Every Single Button, Textbox, Combo Box, List Box.

Action Control Guidance,
Action Dependent Prompts for Mistakes with Suggestions /  Tips / Help.
(Text to Speech Enabled, CaptainChef's Unique Multiligual Messaging System ).

MsExcel Exports:
Exports Data Directly to MsExcel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 at a Click and Formats everything ready for Print.

Other Exports:
PDF, RTF, MsOffice Installation Dependent.


What you get with CaptainChef:

Enhanced and User Friendly Audio Visual Interface

Multiplier/Splitter Engines on Recipes Ingredients and any Entered Recipe Instructions Text To:

    Multilingual, Multiplied or Spitted Recipes at a Click of a Button.

Unique Multilingual Functionality - Resolves the Multinational Chef / Cooks Issue

Twenty Six Languages to Choose / Translate From - To, (English) being the Default, for

Internal SQL Generator Engine for Ad-hoc Query Searches,
Auto-SQL Translation Supporting:

for Recipes Retrieval On:

For Example you can Query All Recipes That are:
    Italian AND have Chicken as INGREDIENT
    Greek AND have Chicken as INGREDIENT
    - Supports Entering Criteria Directly in Dropdowns for Searches with easily understood accessor keys such as (+) for the SQL AND and (/) for OR
    - Supports *, AND, OR, ?, +, / . i.e. *Italian*  AND *Chicken* OR *Greek* AND *Chicken*

This means that you only learn a Single SQL Data Query Syntax (a couple/few operators) despite the Back-End Database Management System.


Integrated Internet Pictures Grabber

Integrated Backup and Restore Functionality

Constant Help - On Spot Help Support

User Configurable for:

CaptainChef©2020 Supports Three TTS Engines:

Including Amazon Polly (ex Ivona Voice)!
CaptainChef (TTS Version) can READ OUT it's Recipes in any of it's Supported TTS Languages
(TTS Engine specific, Internet Connection Required).


Supported O/S PLATFORMS:

(Runs on Both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Platforms)

     Windows XP Pro (SP3)
     Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
     Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)
     Windows 8.1 (32 or 64 bit)
     Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)

     Runs on Both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Platforms Smoothly and Incredibly Fast due to Direct Kernel Programming.